The Lockdown Effect

With the arrival of COVID, it won’t surprise you to hear that it has been non-existent on the wedding photography front! 

To do my bit I signed myself up as an NHS volunteer. My wife and I have kept our heads down and respected the guidance on the self-isolation thing etc. Throughout we have tried to remain positive, but can’t help wondering how our and everyone’s else’s lives may change after it all finishes if it does!

This has certainly given us new perspectives on what’s important! This is our order, family, friends, fellow humans, enjoying every day and those little moments that we have all to often taken for granted!

Recently It was so refreshing to be able to get back to the thing that I love ‘ fun wedding photography’. A last-minute wedding photography booking at Great Ellingham Norfolk came to me at from these guys, this was most welcome!

COVID did not stop them enjoying themselves and celebrating their marriage on the village green; although it appears that the virus had impacted on the bridal party and guest numbers!

The bride wore a stunning white dress with ‘ivory edging’ without a veil which was complemented by a necklace of white pearls. The groom wore a checked shirt, cufflinks, brown trousers and a fitted light brown waistcoat which was contrasted by a stylish turquoise cravat.

Sadly conversation was limited so I was not able to find out anything about the engagement or where they would be honeymooning.

‘Happy days’


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August 4, 2020

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