Tails of a wedding photographer

Wet Feet

Jackie and Neil were guests at a wedding which I photographed. They were married the year before and liked my photography style.

Jackie asked if I would take some more wedding pictures in addition to the ones previously taken by the other photographer.

The venues were Filby Broad and Caistor beach in Norfolk. It was a cold October day, as you can see Jackie and Neil looked fantastic!

We had finished at Filby and had arrived at Caistor. Well I’m up for most things so I suggested pictures at the waters edge, Jackie and Neil are a fun couple so off came the shoes! I rolled my trousers up above my knees and waded out into the very cold North Sea as the waves came in.

One of the waves was somewhat bigger than the rest which produced the shot, its fair to say that it was so big that I was totally soaked! I saved my camera though and got this picture, so all was well….
Jackie says that it was not the wave that made her scream but what Neil was doing with his hand being her!

This picture I am told is on the happy couples wall!

Boxer Shorts

This is a shot from the engagement shoot of Tom and Holly who will marry at Pentney Abbey.

We went to the woods to take some fun pictures, well what can I say other than ‘Tom went that extra mile to make it memorable’!

As we walked around with me taking pictures of them He said ‘his trousers were very uncomfortable’! Things came to a head when he said he couldn’t go any further, he undid his trousers and pulled out pair of lose boxer shorts that were inside.

How can you not realise they were there, he says that he didn’t!

I’ll leave that question for you to speculate on?


Part of my wedding photography preparations is to always visit the venue at least once. I don’t do surprises!

I like to know where all the good lighting is, where those special shots can be found.

When I arrived at Manor Farm Henley I saw this goat, at first glance you may think ‘nothing special there’!

Looking the goat I immediately noticed that it had the same eye colour as ‘J’ and also a beard which was almost identical to his!

It got even better, having met the couple I knew that the colour scheme for the wedding was gold, the goat had even got a tag in its ear which was the same shade, a really lovely touch that he had taken the trouble!

It would have been rude not to get a shot of the guys together!

Photo bomber

At the wedding of Joe and Lucy, at Red Barn I was taking pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready.

One of the maids had a son called Zachary. He was lovely little boy.

Anyway as the shoot went on I gave him a little compact camera I had with me and asked him to be my second photographer in the room. He really enjoyed himself.

The day progressed and we came to the cutting of the cake, as I took this shot, I was totally concentrating on the couple!

The cake was in a darkened corner, it was not until I got home that that I saw that Zachary had photo bombed the picture and was about to steal a strawberry from it!

His mum said later that she was so grateful for the way I had looked after him and that he was so comfortable that he just wanted to be in the picture…