Pricing & FAQ's

Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Hi I’m Paul, a Norfolk UK based wedding photographer. If you are looking for a ‘straight forward’, ‘telling it how it is’ documentary style photographer, then that’s me!

I have always kept my wedding photography pricing straightforward and uncomplicated.  I never hide anything — my packages are based on hours and are all-inclusive, so there are no hidden fees or unwanted cost surprises.  For other destination weddings or weddings further afield than East Anglia (where I am based) please just add a little more for travel costs.

Wedding Photography Coverage – Full Day: £1,400

Pre-Wedding stuff…..

+ Before your wedding booking it’s so important that you have a meeting with your wedding photographer, so let’s hook-up!  If you are in sunny bootiful Norfolk (where I am based) we can get to know each other over a cuppa or a beer somewhere.  I can show you some of my work and you can let me know more about your wedding plans.  We can talk about picture ideas and you can see my vivid documentary and fun wedding photographers imagination in action. If you are a little further we can do a ‘virtual’ hang-out with a video call which would also work well instead?

+ When you book, we’ll meet-up again before your wedding date to go through all the detail and create a wedding meeting checklist so that I have everything covered.

+ Full wedding venue recces and contact by me with your suppliers to check out lighting, picture locations, I speak to and build a rapport with your contacts – I don’t do surprises!

On the big day…..

+ 2 professional photographers

+ Me as the first photographer giving you a flexible 12 hours of photography coverage.  I will be photographing the bride from morning preparations through too late in the evening, when the party really starts!  Typically from 10 till 10.

+ My second photographer covers the groom getting ready through to the end of the speeches

+ My style is a  documentary wedding photographer (keeping  it real with a docu-style), relaxed and fun!

After it settles down… You will receive;

+ Online gallery with high resolution images.  Available within 4 weeks of your wedding date.

+ You have full copying & printing rights.

+ Access to professional print shop.

+ All of your photos presented to you on a stylish USB.  Every image will be in both colour and black + white.

Single Photographer

If you only want me as your photographer then that absolutely fine, as a guide 6 hours would be £700, all of the pictures would be supplied as above, the numbers supplied would be less and relative to the time and single photographer coverage. See our Wedding Photography page. 


Engagement Shoot

If you would like and an engagement/pre wedding  shoot,  we can do that, no probs! It is 2 to 3 hours somewhere within Norfolk, the beach is a favourite with my customers. It’s great fun and gets you comfortable with cameras. All pictures are supplied in colour and black and white via the web – £200.
See our Lifestyle & Engagement page.

Wedding Album

Yes I can supply this, they are a beautiful  high quality product, being professionally produced, I love to describe them as being like a ‘Russian Doll’, this is because the album itself is in a matching outer case, the cover the album and case is an acetate od one of your beautiful wedding pictures, the fabric of the case  can be matched to your wedding colour scheme

12 inch x 12 Inch 30 page (I can be ‘old school’ at times!)

£500 – I can quote for different sizes on request

 See our Blog page. 


Frequently Asked Questions and there stuff!

Authentic, documentary, natural and creative - is that right?

Correct! That’s how people would describe my way of shooting and I’m happy with that. I keep it real and true with a documentary style with a slice of my creativity and photographic eye thrown in to the mix.

This sounds good. Do you shoot... the reality?

Totally. I don’t do fixed grins, there is no posing, negative cheese. I love People being people, people being themselves. Loud, quiet, fun, wild, shy, adventurous, reserved. One of the best things about my job is all the different personalities that I get to meet along the way.

What about the... random stuff?

That’s me all over! I’m always on the look-out for the out-takes and the unique unplanned moments during a wedding day. This will dramatically increase to higher levels of randomness after the alcohol consumption has risen to a respectable  celebration levels as the day progresses. 


So the weddings that you shoot, what are they like?

It’s difficult for me to give you a standard wedding, because they are all beautifully unique in their own special way. However one thing that they all have in common is that they all seem to focus on the important stuff about weddings – the people, the moments!  That’s because it’s how I shoot to tell your unique stories!

What's the general flow to these weddings then?

The weddings that I’m at tend to work like this; Chilled and relaxed wedding day celebrations heading swiftly into a fantastic party.

Do you photograph the details and all that other stuff too?

Yeah, of course, my focus is on the people but I always shoot anything and everything including the glitter balls, pink elephants, flowers, cake etc , I do understand and appreciate how much work has gone into it all. I pretty much shoot it all to be honest – tbh 🙂

Do you take any group photos?

Most weddings that I shoot ask for a few formal groups to be taken and I totally get why brides and grooms ask for them, it’s not for them but more for their parents and grandparents who would really like them. I do get it – I’ve got grandkids and perhaps one day I shall want that same shot with them! No problem. A good number of group shots is between 6-10 but it’s up to you.

How long do you stay on the day?

A full day’s coverage with me is 12 hours, however you guys want it. Typically I’m there from about 10am – 10pm. From the morning prep all the way through the wild moves on the dance floor. Don’t worry if it slips over 12 hours though (I don’t clock-watch like that) – if its happening then I’ll be there for it!

My second photographer covers the groom getting ready through to the speeches.

How we do we go about meeting you?

Just get in touch and I’ll see if I still have availability on your date. Then if I do  we can meet-up over a cuppa or a beer at your choice of Norfolk location. After having a chat about your plans and me showing you some of my imagery then it’s up to you. I don’t do ‘pressure’. 

What's the cost?

I keep it simple and transparent. For a full day of wedding photography ( 2 photographers) I charge £1400.  There is loads more info on my packages at the top of this page.

Do you charge for travel costs?

Not for any wedding throughout East Anglia. Further afield there will be a minimal cost just to cover fuel. For overseas weddings I ask that my travel costs including flights are paid for. Flights can be surprisingly cheap these days!

So do you shoot weddings outside of the UK?

Oh yes! I love travel and photography – and  that’s why I have travelled the world taking pictures. Get in touch with me and I’ll see if I still have availability.

How long have you been pro for?

I have been pro in various guises for about 17 years now. My early days were spent as a photographer in the Police before leaving the them to put my focus on weddings in 2013. I am so lucky that I can do this full-time, professionally. I’m one of those very rare people that is genuinely doing what I consider to be my  dream job (No apologies!).

Do you require a meal on the day?

Yes please, it does not have to be a sit down meal, just something to keep me/us going, weddings are very physical (Over 22000 steps at one wedding) and soft drinks please to stay hydrated. Thank you.

What do you wear on the day?

I’m always very smart, but discreet (minus a tie as  it’s not a good picture when it hangs over the lens,  it’s not  my best  my camera skill!) I like to blend in and fit in with your wedding day.

What do we do if it rains?

Always a big worry for brides and grooms but it doesn’t have to be! Some of my favourite shots have been taken in wet, windy conditions. I can tell you from experience that my brides and grooms 100% do not care on the day. They are having such a great day that they honestly barely even notice. To get out in any bad weather you just need little 10 minute breaks in the rain, a pair of wellies, a brolly and a spirited attitude! I have the father of one bride after seeing one of my rain shots from a previous wedding say ‘I really hope it rains on my daughter’s wedding day’.

How many photos do you take on the day?

I do not limit the amount of photos that I take on the day. I just keep shooting. After your day you will typically have over 600 fully edited, completely different shots from a full day’s coverage to look back on.

Who will take our photographs?

I will always be me and if you want two of us my trusted second photographer who has worked with me at many weddings.

Why would we want a second photographer?

My second photographer covers all of the angles that I can’t, offering different perspectives throughout the preparations, ceremonies, and speeches – I can give an example of when a church minster walked between me and the couple as they went for the first kiss! My second saved the day!

Help! I don't like my photo being taken.

Of course – 2-3 fun hours somewhere nice within Norfolk and it gets you comfortable with the camera.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

My second photographer covers all of the angles that I can’t, offering different perspectives throughout the preparations, ceremonies, and speeches – I can give an example of when a church minster walked between me and the couple as they went for the first kiss! My second saved the day!

How can I see my photographs?

I’ll send you a link to your password-protected online gallery which will be available to view  no later than 4 weeks after your wedding. I’ll keep your wedding galleries on there for at least 1 year after your wedding date. I shall also send you all of the high-res pics out to you on a stylish USB.

Do you do wedding albums?

Yes, they are beautiful quality, professionally produced, I love to describe them as being like a ‘Russian Doll’, this is because the album itself is in a beautiful matching outer case.

Do we get black and white photos too?

Yes. On your USB there will be every image in both colour + black and white.

Can I let other people see my wedding photos?

Yes absolutely! You can share and show your guests! Your online wedding gallery is password protected but please feel free to pass on that link and password to whoever you wish.

Can my friends and family view or purchase any prints?

Yes, they can, they can contact me with their specific needs through my website, I can then quote them at a fractional mark-up on the prices the professional wedding photography processing lab charges. There is no obligation to do this, please remember that you will have the high-resolution images already, you could pass onto them directly if you wish.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I carry full public liability insurance which covers pretty much any eventuality. I have never, ever needed to use it for anything but it’s all there to give you piece of mind.